Sunday, March 31, 2013


Imagine, no possessions...

I told my daughter Dawn once, "I guess I sang that song one time too many." Yes, I get attached to things. Sometimes think about stuff I wish I still had. Like a long sweater jacket, I guess they are called; bought at one of those second hand or Goodwill type stores.

I decided not to keep the tray tables and lamp.

Also decided not to keep a piece of carpet. At first I was planning on keeping it, but I have the smaller ones and "rag" type throw rugs for new place. If I get a new place. My main reason for wanting to hold on to that carpet piece was to use to sleep on, put space between me and cold, cold sidewalks. If...

Son-in-law's cousin moved my sofa bed to alley. We joked about it being gone in short while ~ before manager calls city to have them remove it. Guess with Easter no one picked it up. Then when I came home from trip to storage place, took some more trash out, I saw the cushions gone. The cushions got put in dumpster. someone untied it, left string on ground, mattress 1/2 folded in and out of bed and the metal bed frame is gone.

Guess metal was more valuable to scavenger(s) then the sofa bed. Too bad Goodwill could not drive one block to have picked it up. Perhaps someone needy could have used it, if only Goodwill would price stuff cheaper. C'est la vie.

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