Sunday, March 31, 2013

4 x 4 life

My life in a 4 x 4 storage locker. It is also 4' high. This stuff does not reach to top, maybe 1/2 way filled. It is a top locker; I guess meaning it is 4' off the floor, making it a little difficult for me to get stuff in there. I put stuff in bags which had to be done outside of locker. Then box and stuff slid to back.

The plastic bag in front should have room for blankets and laundry. I decided that I am ditching one of my blankets. It is nice and heavy and warm, but an odd size. I fold it in quarters, then it is not quite long enough to cover feet. Does not matter, I scrunch up in a near fetal position anyway.

I was so enthused thinking I was going to have an apartment early April, I was not thinking clearly. Like do I need this or that? Really need the stuff. I remember how everything seems to cost so much. Like brooms, so keeping them. The pot/pan set was cheap, and not very good, but better than replacing them when I do find a place to live.

Yet thinking when I get back from trip east to visit family, I might start ditching stuff. Then be homeless in Long Beach with a place to stow stuff, so I do not need to backpack it around with me all day. Shall see.

I considered getting an all day bus pass; take bus to store stuff, come back to get my back pack, then head downtown to beach until time to go to Greyhound station. The trip backpack is a bit too heavy. Thinking I need to wear the sweatpants I bought to replace well worn ones and store my good jeans in the locker.

Yet, since I did not do as I was going to ~ get another pair of sweats to travel with ~ very lightweight kind ~ I think I best wear the jeans. Do not know what else to leave behind to lighten up that backpack. Carrying my worn sweatshirt, holey sweater and big blanket, plus the Internet connection gear, laptop to storage while wearing the backpack seemed too much for me to be able to do.

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