Sunday, March 31, 2013


Not sure who wrote "Attachments to persons or things cost us our liberty." Or words to that effect. I decided to keep this sweatshirt, because, well I am attached to it. The sleeves at armholes were ripped, so I sewed them a few weeks back. Not sure how I manage to get bleach on my clothes; guess I clean wearing the sweatshirt and other clothes.

The reason I am attached to it, well, one, it has a zipper,  a hood, roomy enough to layer clothes underneath it, is because the sleeve says: Analyze That. 

I liked the movie. Found the shirt by Shoreline Park. Nasty. Washed it restroom sink, I think, then let it air/sun dry, then washed at laundromat. Do not remember if that was in 2006 or when homeless in 2005, but think it was during my first go round on the streets.

Today I decided I have too much to carry to storage in the morning, so will ditch it and my favorite powder blue pullover sweater with a few holes in it. I routinely sleep in both of them. I considered ditching a light green woolly sweater, same style because it was too bulky, unlike the worn blue one. Or donate it to the Village clothing room.

Ha, ha, I should take a picture of my other pair of shoes that I am ditching in the AM. No wonder I have pain walking, when I looked at the soles of these sneakers. Not sure if you can tell how the heel wore unevenly. I did not think these sneaks were as old as my favorite slip on shoes; I believe I was supposed to have discarded the slip on shoes when I got these and a pair of clodhoppers.

The clodhoppers are too heavy but they are what I am wearing when I leave here tomorrow.

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Sandy Brambila said...

My name is Sandy. I am interested in talking with you and working on video project. Please email me at
The project is a video piece about surviving on the streets using modern technology. You seem to have quite a few resources listed on your blog. Do you know if people go on here to find information?

Thanks so much,