Monday, May 20, 2013

Death Vows

Death Vows is a Donald Strachey Mystery written by Richard Stevenson. An aging queer, Jim hires Donald to investigate Barry Fields who is about to marry Bill Moore. Jim claims he is concerned that his good friend Bill is making a big mistake. Soon Jim is murdered and Barry is arrested for the crime. Bill now hires Donald to clear Barry's name. Neither Barry nor Bill are forthcoming about their pasts, making this tale full of mysteries.

I might consider giving Strachey another chance. The characters in Death Vows did not come alive for me. It was a somewhat interesting read, but not the kind of mystery thriller page-turners I like to read; lots of contemporary references, including political stuff.

A character "was about to be left homeless" when his partner died, leaving his sister all his worldly possessions and she asked the man to vacate the home he shared with his dearly departed.

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