Thursday, August 09, 2012


 Jay: Anna/Jennifer, vet, 50s, gets van
That memory jogger from my People List produced this blog post:

Jay is a tall, fit, ex-military, late 50s, black man. Skin color is only relevant because it becomes a topic of conversation. Jay flirts with all the ladies of any ethnicity. Eddie does not approve of Jay hitting on the non-black ladies. Jay had his stories of DWB (driving while black), interactions with bigoted cops. We talk about music, politics and government. He drinks and smokes pot, but his life does not revolve around those things, so a refreshing change from most of the homeless people I was meeting.

Jay tells me he camps under a bridge in Belmont Shore. Desperate for sleep, I went looking for his camp one night. Never found him and his crew. Either Tim left or Anna kicked him out and Jay moved in with Anna for a minute. Anna feed her men well, loved to cook and take care of them. She was feeling used by Jay; he was not into cuddling and affection. He said she was a nag. Anyone's guess who ended the short term relationship.

Later Jay buys an old van. I was surprised to see Jennifer in the van with him. She did not stay with him for long. Seems when he showed up at Alamitos, a different lady would run over and hop in with him before they drove off. Yes, he invited me to stay with him and no, I never did. Too many shared and switching partners for my tastes. Anyone every hear about AIDS? And STDS.

Jay was not around the Alamitos area much and if I saw him driving by elsewhere, I would recognize his van, but have trouble remembering his name.

I found I could e-mail myself documents I moved to disc using F-drive that no longer reads them. Happy I was able to locate this old blog post.

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