Friday, August 10, 2012

Jay 2012

Went to beach early today, past dog beach, near restroom. Intent was to take Seal Beach/Redondo Avenue bus home, read until dark. 9:19PM, Wednesday evening, sitting here in the dark. Yesterday morning had my door cracked, fan drawing out air, Phil stops, looking inside, calling out my name. I do not know if he could see my sour face as I said, "I'm busy Phil." He mumbled something about coming back later to talk to me.

I moved fan, slammed door hoping he would hear it, finished with Facebook games, got ready for long beach day. Went in opposite direction of Belmont Shore, to my old beach, lifeguard station #9 which no longer has a lifeguard on duty. Instead of reading as was my plan, came close to falling to sleep a few times. Hot, hot, hot. Went in water, but tide was changing, enjoyed watching what I used to call the clapping waves, as outgoing ripples met incoming waves, thunderous clap, spraying water, like faucet sprouts above the quickly departing waves.

I was too tired, anticipating long walk home, to walk further west where ocean looked calmer, so just walked east, climbing the hill at Junipero, checked out produce at Farmer's Market I did not know was held at Bixby Park. So-so band playing Beatles' Yesterday did not entice me to stick around. I considered buying figs, but $4.00 seemed a bit too steep for my wallet.

I guess this post should be titled: Yesterday, okay, okay, I am getting to Jay. After debating, I did walk back to a food booth intending to buy two egg rolls for two bucks. A couple with children were having long conversation about the food; as I waited I decided that it might be only one egg roll for that price, not wanting to wait, headed on home.

Maybe I will re-title this post: Magic Soap. Of course a man was quick to start selling when I was heading towards his table booth, so I asked, "Why is it called Magic Soap?" All handmade, but perfect rectangles, he explained properties of his soaps. (Cure acne, relaxation, rejuvenate skin and so on.) He talks about his body oils and skin lotions, pouring some on my hand. Heavenly! A woman distracts the salesman/owner, and I slipped away. She asked prices and the body oil costs $12.00.

I wished he had a price list or stickers on the soap. Twelve bucks, definitely outta my league, but he was so nice and, those soaps sure smelled good. Okay see next post for more about Jay.

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