Saturday, August 11, 2012

Jay, Really

Okay, really, this post is about Jay. Sitting here in the dark, as I did last night, forewarned by Phil that he would stop back later. I stayed out almost to dark which presented the problem ~ if he did stop back, getting no answer because, ha, ha, I was not here, did not want him to see my light on and disturb me. Big problem, tho' could not read in the dark, hence my plan for today (Wednesday) ~ beach early, home to read until dark.

Only went in water up to knees. Filming being done where I had originally planed to hang out while I ate, part of a movie or maybe a commercial. Anyway I saw a black fin in the water. Watched for a while, it was heading west, and I guess another dolphin, because caught a few glimpses of its arched back, dip quickly back into the water. Decide to walk west to see if I could spot more dolphins, plus tide was such that it was shell, rock strewn at water's edge, maybe I would actually do my version of swimming if I was at different part of beach.

I did not want to walk past dog beach, so walked along sidewalk. Man  yells out of car window, "Hey lady can I have the rest of that cigarette." I asked, "Mister, will your dog bite me?" I was not about to hand him my smoke, but did get a fresh one out of my bag to give him. We started chatting. Not sure why I asked "Are you homeless/" He must have said something that gave me a clue.

We talked for quite a long time. I mentioned Shorty, he knew Shorty and so on. Soon he asks where I was headed, "Home?". I tell him about dolphin spotting, then I was going to take bus home. He tells me to go ahead, then come back and he would drive. I guess I stuck out my hand for a shake, he gives me a shoulder hug, says his name is Jay.

I say I knew a couple of Jay's on the street, then ask if he had a van (yes) and did he know Jennifer. No, he did not. I describe her, and he mumbles to himself, something like "so that was her name." Of course, I blew off the offer of a ride home. I opened my documents and yup, I did indeed know the man, if only slightly.

Odd, to me was that I said in my blog post that I could never remember his name, yet as soon as he said it today, I could picture Jennifer getting out of his van all those years ago. Or smiling from the window or whatever.

I am considering going back to where he was parked tomorrow to continue our conversation.

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