Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Wild Tomatoes?

To the left around corner I noticed a small plant, picked a leave, smelled it, um, sweet, must be a tomato plant. As I walked around that corner I noticed this much bigger plant complete with yellow tomato blossoms. I wondered if someone planted tomato seeds along this dirt path or if they were air borne cultivated or wild tomato plants.

Recently thought to write an article: If Variety Is The Spice of Life, Long Beach's Got It. Idea came to me when I was looking at the different ducks and birds at El Dorado park idling around the big pond. I started writing the article in my head ~ knowing I would need to research, ducks for instance, or trees native (or imported) to the area.

When I first moved to Long Beach, there was a sign: The International City. Nicknamed thus because LB has one of the most diverse populations of any city in the nation. Flowers 365 days of the year ~ all colors or varieties of roses, poppies, pansies, Morning Glories, and just about any other flower one can name.

I made a lot of headway on the article ~ in my head, while waiting upon bus, on the bus, walking from PCH to home. Of course, I did not sit down and start writing. Seeing the tomato plants today, reminded me of the article. Do not think I have seen any here previously, tho' I am sure many people have tomato plants growing in their backyard gardens.

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