Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fit To Die

"I'll probably have to keep working until I'm seventy, but at least I won't starve or be homeless."

Quote from Karen Hanson Stuyck mystery novel, Fit To Die. Earlier in the novel: "What would Lauren like to do? (If Lauren did not become bankrupts, destitute, and homeless before she could work out the details."

A character mentioned distaste for "..generic beer even a wino wouldn't touch." Of course, wino does not equate homeless, but often homeless people are considered winos.

Did not care for this novel. Too much repetition. It should not annoy me to read, "ate in companionable silence" twice in one novel, but it did. I understand that details of events may need to be repeated when speaking to different characters, yet  tired of hearing about the fitness/nutrition guru's potassium levels, why he took potassium, and blah, blah, blah. I kept thinking, "Yes, yes, I know, you already told us that." Due to losing interest, it took me too long to read the 291 book.

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