Tuesday, July 10, 2012

EPC friends

On the same scrape of paper with Construction Noise info was info for epcfriends.org.

I was walking, where? From Brewitt branch library, I know that for sure. Maybe headed to beach in my zigzag fashion. Big sign: Volunteers Needed! I made a mental note to go to that Food Bank, and mental notes wander away from my brain. It nagged at me, however. Okay, too bad, I think, same day I already volunteer at Phil's church.

Was not going to volunteer at Phil's church anymore. Perhaps I wrote about that. Will check it one of these days. I did not get food at Phil's church the last two times I volunteered. One of the volunteers mentioned the other Food Bank; not on same day. Good, I decided I would go find that church and see what type of food their bank offers, and inquire about volunteers.

Took a way too long walk that day trying to find the church.  Tenth and Termino? Anaheim and Termino? Or was it Ximeno? Actually it was 7th Street, more specifically south of 7th.  I was up early that Saturday morning. Legs aching, wanted to forget about checking it out. Skip the library. Decide to go to library first, not wanting to carry groceries inside.

I finally found Emmanuel Church about 5 minutes after the Food Bank closed. Drat!

Made sure I wrote the info down this time. The Church's Food Bank is the 3rd Saturday of the month from 9AM to 11AM.

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