Monday, July 09, 2012

Construction Noise

Walking along Anaheim Street from Brewitt branch library to park on 7th Street, I noticed a sign regarding Long Beach City Ordinance Construction Noise. I found a bit of scrape paper in fanny pack to record it.

Ordinance number is 8:80.202
Construction noise is not allowed before 7AM or after 7PM
On Saturdays it is before 9AM and after 6PM
All construction noise is prohibited on Sundays

There is also the number 117097 on the piece of paper. That is likely part of a library ISBN or whatever code number books have.

Reason I took the moment to record it was due to John's habit of starting his hammering projects late in the evening. Aha! Definitely, definitely after 7PM ~ way past. Definitely on a Sunday. Putting a nail in a wall to hang a picture is not exactly construction noise. But John's hammering, lasted a lot longer than the time it takes to pound a nail in a wall.

If he does it again, I will complain to useless manager being able to cite the Construction Noise Ordinance by number. Ha! (lot of good this will do me...)

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