Sunday, July 08, 2012


"You are the quietest person who has ever lived in the building," a women said to me as we passed each other on the sidewalk.

I do not remember seeing her in the neighborhood previously; wondered how she knew me. I had just left the building by front side gate, so obvious, probably, this is where I live. No witty comeback came to mind, so I just said, "Yes, I am pretty quiet."

The passing moment had me thinking about neighbors who do not live in the complex. I am sure anyone walking past the building or even living across the street would have heard John's club level all night long loud music or television. Hard to miss Chris' BIG mouth and LOUD coughing. Equally impossible to miss Darryl's little yelling fits. Doubtful that many people would have heard Doug's overly loud music, except the people who live in the house next door. That would also be true of Chris' loud music ~ and the arguments between Chris/Bill, Chris/John, Chris/Doug, Chris/Phil, Chris/Tweety, John/whoever.

Doug told me he and Sean had an spat. That was one of the few times I have heard a word from Sean. Talk about quiet people, he is more of a recluse than I am. Mike and Doug talk to a lot of people. Maybe it is just me thinking they both talk a bit too loud. Jerome too, but Jerome is not around very much. Phil does not talk quite as loud, but his voice is the most annoying (um, a tie with Chris due to Chris' loudness).

David often yells at his nephew, Patrick. I had one argument with John. Especially when Bill lived here I played music way too loud; put in earplugs to drown out the sound. Did that trying to block out Chris/Bill's voices. At times I put radio close to door or on windowsill blaring it. I moved laptop as close to door as I could get it, pumped up volume 100%, playing over and over again, You Talk Too Much. Not the Joe Jones version ~ the one by Run-DMC.

I'm tired of listening to the garbage you talk
Why don't you find a short pier, and take a long walk

You talk too much Then you never shut up!
I said you talk too much Homeboy you never SHUT UP!!!
You talk too much You could be, out of breath
You talk too much Man you naggin me to death
You talk too much Tired of hearing you speak
You talk too much Eight days a week
You talk too much Then you never shut up
I said you talk too much...

Whoever the women is, where ever she lives, I guess she was not around when I was making a whole lot more noise than Sean ever would! The remark had me considering that my nemeses might have been bothering other neighbors and wish someone other than me would issue a complaint to proper authorities ~ especially when music is so loud it makes my floors vibrate, keeps me awake nights or people keep up with the illegal firecrackers long past 10PM.

Not that I like listening to that noise before 10PM...

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