Saturday, June 02, 2012

Book review

Enthused after reading King Peggy, I wrote a book review. Another unknown author advised:  praise should be served when it is still bubbling. Each morning, I told self, I will edit, polish, finish it later. Each night I tell self I will do it in the morning. Morning is my time, especially for writing. How many days ago was that? My praise was no longer bubbling.

Determined to do it today. Polished it, did not spellcheck yet.

Waiting list on new library books, wanted to return it. Cell phone screen showed book cover to be yellow. It is orange. Decided to do it in the morning. The first image looked fuzzy. Deleted it, tried again. Was not sure if the image was still fuzzy. Cell phone charge was very low. Cover was orange, so e-mailed it to me and took book to library.

Too lazy to check my e-mail to see it? Dunno. Do not remember. It was a little blurry.

So, today I go in search of an image. I know people are allowed to use copyright materials for reviews. King Peggy is now my Facebook friend. I was going to send her a message there to ask permission to use an image for my review. Oy, intimidated that an author might read my review and find it lacking.

Think that if  I could still self-publish, it would have been a done deal. Thought, since it is a 2012 publication, the Yahoo Voices editors might accept it. A lot of my AC peers think I am a good writer. A few guaranteed page views if I self published. And I want them to know about this book.

Looking for an image I could use, see that King Peggy has already done some television interviews, been on covers of magazines and CBS news. A day late, that is my reason...

...or excuse for not bothering to try. Sigh.

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