Monday, April 02, 2012

Drunken Uncles

The only lyrics I remembered from the song Ka-Ka-Katie were "she's the only girl that I adore" and could not guess as to title of second song. (Google spiders really work fast. I typed: song pass the taters and wait into search box and first result was from Homeless in Long Beach, posted a minute or so ago. : >)

As mentioned no mystery about those songs. The exes drunken uncles sitting around Aunt Vernie's long kitchen table singing. Um, did one of them play a harmonica? Uncle George? I do not think Uncle Bill drank.

Two sisters married two brothers. Sue married Clarence and Vernie married Millard. Sue and Clarence had a lot of kids; no longer recall how many. One was my ex-husband's mother. Vernie and Millard were childless, but she took one of her sister's daughters to raise as her own ~ Aunt Honey. Dorothy if I remember correctly. Been so many years.

Bill and George were two of Beatrice's brothers. Beatrice being the mother-in-law from hell. Thus Vernie and Millard were actually Great Aunt and Uncle. Lots of stories there. I remember telling my mother the uncles reminded me of her family, but do not remember why. Zero recollection of her brothers sitting around after a large Sunday noon meal playing cards, or singing. Or fist fights.

I remember enjoying it at the beginning. Not so much as the years wore on. Who wants to spend every Sunday with drunks, when other families were taking the children fun places ~ swimming, and stuff. As mentioned, lots of stories from those days.

Whenever I hear Uncle Bill, I think of Beatrice, and wonder what is going on in Allentown. Hearing Ka-Ka-Katie and pass the tater and wait, this morning, of course my mind flew eastward. No messages about any deaths or rushed to the hospital sudden medical problem came.

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