Thursday, March 29, 2012

64, 40

This is just a random post. Temperature below this blog says it is 64 degrees in Long Beach right now. Brr...

Due to that brief hot spell disappearing almost as soon as it got here, I have been staying indoors. Mr. Manager must have really read John the riot act ~ it is so quiet ~ like a normal apartment complex, with the normal amount of noise. Still having sleep difficulties. No longer use earplugs, but need to put something over my head ~ guess I got so used to that pillow over ears over earplugs, I can no longer fall to sleep without it. Then I wake too early some mornings, too late others ~ but hope that soon I will return to a normal sleep cycle.

Other disruptive neighbor, Chris must be staying with Tweety's brother, seeing as she is still staying here with John. I finally figured out the small dog, I have been hearing in courtyard is Tweety's dog. A miniature  pinscher, I think she told me the day John introduced us.

Where was I? Oh, yes, being housebound made it my goal today to sort and discard all those scrapes of paper that keep accumulating.

I did not realize that Dover, New Jersey was 40 miles from New York City until I read it in the book Long Gone. Okay, so now I can discard the scrap of paper with info noted on it. One of my younger brothers has lived in Dover, NJ for a long time. Long enough for his kids to grow up, marry or just leave home after college graduation. I do not know if he and his wife experienced that empty nest syndrome, most parents go through.

Brother Rocco happened to be working in NYC on September 11, 2001. He spent the day assisting the Red Cross. I can not quote the exact figure ~ his insurance company going in the red, because they paid off life insurance policies quickly ~ and some of the companies housed in the World Trade Towers had all their employees insured through Rocco's company.

The morning of 911, I was concerned about my elderly mother ~ living "so close to the city" ~ yet, did not realize exactly how close my brother's family lived. I did not know that Rocco was working in the city that day, nor that he was trapped there, nor that his wife was frantic, until my daughter was able to reach me by cell phone, several hours after the chain of events began.

Doubt that I will remember that Dover is 40 miles from NYC, but at least I ditched one more piece of paper.

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