Monday, April 02, 2012

Uncle Bill

Now and then, recently, I hear the words "Uncle Bill" in my head. These are not voices, like the loud Hello I heard last night when I went into the bathroom just before bed. Logic told me that man was out in courtyard; did not see a shadow pass by my window, nor anyone replying. It may have been someone inside John's apartment, but why would a man be in John's bathroom saying hello?

I doubt that it was a hallucinatory voice ~ too real. It disturbed me so much I peeked behind the shower curtain to be sure no one was hiding in my bathtub, as absurd as that notion was. I mean no one could have entered my apartment without my awareness, so dumb to look...

...but the hello was that close. Thought perhaps someone saw my shadow through the frosted glass window, but moved beyond it before I saw him pass. I did not turn on bathroom light; never do, but light from Great Room might have illuminated me. It may have been 11 or midnight. I stayed up late engrossed in murder mystery story. Perhaps the cause of my nightmare.

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