Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Break from neighbor Chris' coughing that began last January seems to be over. 9:45PM, guess he is too hot to close his door, cough, cough, cough. Bad enough listening to it earlier today, yesterday and the day before which was the worst of it. If I remember correctly.

Wrote manager a letter to enclose with rent check. About John and Tweety. Seems she is living with John full time now. She was here this past weekend; weekend before that and weekend prior ~ and every day in between ~ adding up to over 14 days. Do not know Beasley's restrictions on how long guests can stay ~ usual number of days is 14 at which time guest becomes tenant, added to lease, rent increase.

John ups the volume of his radio at night, which is next to kitchen wall. I am guessing he needs it loud enough so that he can hear it in his living room. Which means it is also loud enough for me to hear it in my bedroom. Makes more sense for him to put the radio in his living room where he wants to hear it, then he can lower the volume ~ I would likely still hear it ~ some nights I have been listening to both his TV and radio at the same time.

New Years Eve, I kept getting up and lowering my radio ~ too loud, annoying me. Then I went in my kitchen and it was really loud. Dang, I just lowered it! Oh, I see, John was listening to same radio station I was. Knew trying to go to sleep early would be futile ~ fireworks and alla dat at midnight, yet I was still getting annoyed ~ because, yes, John and Tweety were watching TV even as they were blaring kitchen radio.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, unrelenting violations of complex House Rules & Regulations, sleep deprivation, constant stress & agitation ~ can cause temporary insanity. Had one of my fits some time after 11PM last night. The kind where I not only stomp around the apartment, but start ranting ~ out loud.

Why oh why could John not go stay with Tweety where ever she lives in Orange county? He was off from work for 4 days I heard him say, so no need to be in Long Beach. Do not know how he gets to work at 2:30AM, maybe his sister comes to pick him up, driving him to his job.

Sigh. One night, 11:30PM John is outside his back door doing whatever ~ sounded like emptying bottles in a trash bin. A lot of bottles. I know Tweety drinks; she was holding a beer bottle the day John introduced us. Maybe she is a lush, or the two of them are. Truly rude, however, to be dumping glass at that hour....

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