Thursday, January 05, 2012

Continuing story...

...Omigod, John shut off his radio, evening of January 3rd. What a relief! Of course, the pleasant silence coming from John and company, was marred by his loud talking in courtyard at 10:45pm, some slamming; sounded awful close to my door; guessing he was visiting Chris and saying his goodbye. 11pm, the kitchen noise starts; jump at the first loud bang; the rest sounded like wood, perhaps dragging chairs across the floor to move them; opening/closing cabinets/drawers, too?

11:30pm, John is yelling. No idea who he was arguing with, only hear his voice; telephone argument maybe. Nope. Midnight, Tweety is yelling; maybe they took turns, do not hear John fighting back. All quiet by 12:30am. Dare I try to go to sleep? Eyes so heavy with sleep, but I wait, and by 1am, more kitchen noises, then some sound deeper in his apartment, thumps ~ I am only guessing where the various noises are generated ~ easy to tell the loud kitchen ones, the softer stop, could be from anywhere. It was still going on at 1:22am when I could not keep eyes open another minute.

Earplugs: check. Pillow over head; check. WMP Sleep playlist running; nada.

It was such a treat to wake up and not hear John's radio. All day long. And all the next day. Maybe Tweety went back to where ever she lives. Of course it would not last. The good news is John's volume is not loud, just that low thumping, loud enough for me to hear it in my bedroom. Last night first night in I do not know how long I went to sleep with no earplugs. Back in again tonight.

Made worse, by naps, despite waking too late in the morning, needing to use them and pillow and music to block out sounds from courtyard ~ but today's nap, slightly past noon, did not shut out John's talking in his kitchen. Sounded like two people, argument going on ~ a second male person.

I dare not complain to Mr. Manager again ~ because at least the 24/7 loud radio noise has ceased; will just have to put up with that lower sound that I should not be hearing at all. Truly do not know how his music/television sound penetrates through  space of his apartment, through his hallway, through his bathroom, through separation wall, through my bathroom, wall and closed door, through my hallway, across my Great Room, hearing it over the sound of electric space heater fan.

Sigh, sigh, sigh.

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