Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well, almost 2012 here on the Pacific Coast. I thought my radio was too loud, so lowered it. Hungry, went in kitchen to find something to munch on. Stereo radio. Oh, I see, neighbor John has his radio on listening to same station as I am. Wish he would move the radio out of his kitchen ~ likely has his television on in the other room.

A co-worker at Tinker Hollow Ale House & Restaurant told me that what we do on New Years Eve we will do all year. Paradigm is borne. True or not,  I was determined to go to the beach, watch fireworks over the Queen Mary as I did for many years. Of course, it was easy to walk a block or two to the beach to that back then.

Checked bus schedule. Oh, no Redondo Ave bus after 6:30pm, bummer. Long Beach Transit had a survey once when changing routes. I added my suggestion to have a Redondo bus that went west on Ocean Blvd to Transit Mall, north on Pacific Ave, returning on either Anaheim or Pacific Coast Highway, south on Redondo again.

Then have a different bus to Seal Beach, preferably one that runs along PCH ~ routing the bus through crowded Belmont Shore makes little sense. They already have little red buses going through Belmont Shore.

Okay, I will walk, I told self. I did live on the streets, so no big deal walking there and back after midnight. Got 1/2 dressed for my planned night out. Stepped out back to check the weather. A drizzly fog. Eerie ~ perfect night to be outdoors. So why am I sitting here?

Called my two daughters when ball dropped at Times Square. Got answering machine at one; the other had cell phone turned off which is very unusual. Thought to call my son ~ likley sleeping, wife might be up. What to do for 3 hours ~ would take about a 1/2 hour to walk to beach. Then do what? Okay, will take Anaheim Street bus downtown, walk around downtown area ~ hang out with Occupy Long Beach cats for a while. Take Anaheim bus home.

Any way I try to leave apartment, John will see me going. Do not want him to know I am not at home. Sigh.

So I gave up. Do hope that will not be how the story of 2012 plays out.

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