Saturday, December 10, 2011

5 dollar lucky day

Walking to library to return books, spotted a five dollar bill on the sidewalk. At first it looked to be tattered, but when I stooped to pick it up, it was just folded oddly. I stood up, looked around, who knows what I was looking for, except perhaps a walker who may have dropped it. I then looked up at the Park Hotel windows, perhaps expecting to see an open window, someone standing there, shouting down "Hey, that is mine." or maybe watching to see who found it.

My very first instinct was to take it into the office, turn it in as lost and found. I never have qualms about picking up pennies, nickles, dimes or quarters ~ losers weepers, finders keepers, but a five? I have been inside the Park Hotel, not sure when. Maybe when I was staying at the horrid Monterey back in 2001 while looking for an apartment. Maybe earlier when life knocked me down and I needed a cheap, real cheap, place to live.

The person who took my application told me I would not like it there. Had to share a bathroom at end of hallway ~ with many men. I said I did not care, but pretty much got it ~ they  were not going to rent a room to a female. Or at least not this female. I think the guys name is Jack Smith, I met in 2006 who told me of the work he was doing to turn the Park Hotel into a homeless youth shelter.

Since it is en-route to library I have passed it many times, remembering every time, the time I tired to get a room there. I watched as the building was being renovated ~ not like another hotel more eastward on Anaheim Street, but definitely work being done to improve the building. I wondered if Jack had anything to do with that.

I think of the people who stay there now; losing five bucks would hurt. Yet turning it in would not likely return it to its owner. Anyone could claim they lost it. So it is mine now.

I tried to think of any $5.00 worthy good deeds I have done lately ~ a reward from the universe. Nothing came to mind. I do not count volunteer work at Food Bank as a good deed ~ that is my way of paying for the food I get. Not like back in 2001 when I was employed and volunteered because it felt good to do so.

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