Friday, December 09, 2011

Time Flies and Backwards posting

As they say, time flies when you are having fun or as I say "or not". I had intended to write more about Tweety, in my backwards posting way, as I am doing now. It is Saturday night, December 10, 2011. Can not believe I have not been here since November 27. Where did the time go?

First thing this morning I went into bathroom, treated to the sound of a woman in throes of passion. Oh great. Bad mood instantly remembering last night's rat-a-tat machine gun sounding noise coming from John's apartment. No it did not literally sound like a machine gun (have I ever heard a machine gun) (well, yeah, must have in a movie at one time or another) ~ perhaps the rhythm of one. Rat-a-tat, rat-a-tat tat, rat...

On and on it went, driving me darn near batty. I was trying to read and could not. For several weeks or a month or so, was amazed that I did not hear any music/TV sounds coming from John's apartment. Now suddenly he is back to the LOUD stuff. I turned on my radio 100% volume, put it in cabinet, covered it with my shopping totes and went back to reading ~ and it was so loud I was doubly annoyed ~ because that is how loud I needed it in order to drown out the sound of rapid fire.

Listening to Miss Tweety first thing in the morning was not my cup of tea. Nor my cup of instant coffee that I went in the kitchen to make. The passion noise even louder there than in bathroom. WTF are they doing it in the kitchen? Like that time...

On to Great Room, turn on computer, still hear her ~ how long is this going to go on? Maybe it is a porno movie. I have heard people having sex but nothing like this one. Like a monotone, no variation in the moans as passion accelerates towards orgasm. I had to get up and turn on radio, to drown it out.

By 7AM there was more noise, which I have already forgotten about ~ perhaps Phil's droning voice out front. It was not a good morning. Was the lucky five dollar bill a prize for my suffering? Heh, heh, heh.

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