Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Silence... golden. When I woke this morning, took out one earplug ~ other must have feel out during a restless sleep ~ took pillow off of head, headed to kitchen to put water in microwave for coffee, then to bathroom. After finishing making the instant coffee, I picked up laptop off floor, placed it on upended heavy plastic milk crate I use as a table, moved same to in front of couch and sat down.

Then I turned off song playing on Windows Media Player, Sleep playlist and as theysay, Omigod! Silence! Chris must have turned off his radio sometime after midnight. I was not sure whose noise I heard from under the pillow. It was 11:32PM when I hit the sack. Only got up once to pump up the volume and still could hear the noise, 'tho barely could hear my playlist songs. When I got up, I did the usual trip to bathroom and John's TV that was barely audible when I readied myself for bed, was louder.

Thus it may have been John's TV or a combination of John's TV and Chris' radio that was preventing me from falling to sleep.

Silence did not last long. Men talking, Chris' guests. I peeked out of blind ~ I could see the fat man inside sitting on Chris' bed, holding something that looked like a brown beer bottle. Do they still make brown beer bottles? I dunno. Another man was standing under the tapestry so that only his long, thin legs were visible. The screen door was ajar. I opened my door, hoping to determine if fat man is Bill. Sort of sounds like Bill's voice.

Not getting a better view, I shut my door quietly. I considered slamming it as I do when I open it to determine whose TV/Stereo/Radio is producing that dang burn noise. Knowing it is Chris' I slam my door purposely.

The 6AM conversation did not last very long. Not all that loud. Annoying on principle. Soon John and his lady  are at it in the kitchen. Well not a thing to do if a person and guest are talking in his kitchen. Can not say how LOUD they are talking, if it were possible for them to lower their voices when in kitchen ~ specifically early AM and late, late PM. Yeah right.

I hear Mr. Manager outside. Wish Chris' still had radio on so Mr. M would hear it. Not sure who he was talking to other than his nephew. I am in a foul mood thinking back to the months I have been suffering, believing that Mr. M had called Beasley's and they had sent Chris an official letter back in September. I have been suffering Chris longer than that ~ like 3 years of tolerating his violations of House Rules & Regulations in regard to noise and disturbing neighbors.

John and lady have another loud session in kitchen, longer than the earlier one. I was hungry, but did not want to go in my own kitchen until they were out of his. Soon Chris' radio begins again, louder than it has been, meaning it is even more annoying. I open door, shut it with a bang, which is about when I went in kitchen, to mic more water for more coffee and opened the back door.

Surprised, Chris lowered the volume. Ah Silence! Until John and lady start talking to Chris. Will Sunday ever come? Will John be back to work Sunday evening? Will Ms. Lady be carrying on in his apartment disturbing my peace all day long even when he is not there? Will Phil tell Mr. M. the truth? How am I to survive?

cough, ka-cough, Mr. Lady friend talking again...


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