Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Normal Sensibilities

I do not know if I am a person of normal sensibilities. Long Beach City Noise Ordinance using those words. A noise has to be disturbing to a person of normal sensibilities.

Maybe a person who is normal can fall to sleep listening to a dripping water faucet. I can not. They call it Chinese Water Torture for a reason. Maybe normal people can not fall to sleep listening to a helicopter circling the building. I can. A quote making the rounds among my Facebook friends goes something like this:

If you think you are too small to make a difference, think about a mosquito buzzing around your head when you are trying to sleep.

Normal sensibility? The floor is vibrating due in time to LOUD thump, thump, thumping. It is coming from a person who lives across the alley that is behind my building. I sit here wishing one of that person's neighbors would call the police. I could tell dispatcher the horribly loud music (is that music?) can be heard clearly by cops if they drive patrol car down alley; about midway. And what if the people turn it off prior to police arrivals?

I need to go take a walk on the next block to get the apartment complex street address. I may have already done so. Perhaps I even scribbled it on a slip of paper, so I would not forget to write it down when I got home.  That went on for hours one Sunday; not the first time the over loud music was coming from that apartment complex. I do not know how people who live next door or near bars function, be it juke box or live band.

It feels like Sunday today. I think I am so disoriented due to this week's noise disturbances, that I can not wrap my mind around it really being Saturday. I am considering just leaving; go join the Occupy Long Beach protest downtown; if I could nap during the day (did not work last time, let me try it again), stay up all night (that was easier to do, street living). It is the only way I can hope to save enough money for first month's rent and security so that I can move.

Shall I simply stop paying rent here? Let them evict me? Get another bad mark on my Credit Report? Was a time I had a perfect credit report and rental history. Well, I do, still, have perfect rental history...

Ruin that due to ignorant, rude neighbors and manager that does not enforce noise ordinance? Um...


Is it normal to jump when someone unexpectedly explodes a firecracker? Does a car backfiring cause a normal person's heart to skip a beat? What about the soft pop, pop, pop of gunfire? Or louder extort from rifle or shotgun? I do feel like I am living in a war zone, always on guard, anxious, nervous energy, ready for fight or flight due to Chris and John's disregard for other neighbor's sensibilities. 

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