Tuesday, November 15, 2011

John's Bath Mat

This is no big deal, John (or his lady friend) hanging his bath mat on front gate. I am sure I can open and close the gate with no problem. Yet it strikes me as rude. I can not imagine him deciding to hang it on main front gate like that. Plus it may start raining again at any minute. Imagine the mat getting soaking wet, then getting a shower when entering or leaving building via that gate.

I was just remembering something John did when he first moved into the complex. He left a bicycle tire wheel laying on the ground, directly in front of that gate. At that time I used the front gate a lot, and I simply moved it away from the gate, close to wall under his kitchen window. It is just ignorant to block an entrance/exit, and told me a lot about John's personality.

He promptly added other items to the sidewalk, then his bicycle. The space is very narrow, plus there are those vines that spread onto court walk. Pre-John, I would be outside sweeping the sidewalk from gate to gate on a daily basis. I also braided the vines in the chain links or around each other, forcing them to grow in the direction I wanted them to go ~ up, down, any which way except spilling over onto walk space.

I recently did that. The thick green leaf vines that produce pretty little yellow flowers, were so overgrown they touched his door. I am short; for a while they were all over my head. I trimmed the lower ones. No sense in braiding when they will all be chopped down (along with my morning glory vines) by handy men. Some day.

The ones outside the gate are harder to braid ~ pickers on them. They have pretty flowers also, but hanging low on other side of gate. Last time I went out the gate I had to take a minute to clip or braid some of both sets of overhanging fauna. I also got a stick one day to wipe away spider webs growing on door knob.

I periodically remove spider webs from my windowsills. Not John; his windows give the appearance of a haunted house. The gate door knob spider webs extended to his door. I know he uses the door, but I guess he does not use front gate or notice those things.


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