Sunday, October 30, 2011

Peace Pilgrim for Halloween

I think the last time I dressed up in costume for Halloween was October, 2001. Universal Care, my employer, allowed workers to come to work in costume that day. I was happy to dress up as Peace Pilgrim ~ sneakers, jeans, t-shirt, my favorite clothes. Well, actually shorts and a tank top are favorite, weather permitting. First thing home from work was to ditch the work outfits in favor of something comfortable.

Of course, none of my co-workers knew who Peace Pilgrim was. I guess "was" is the proper word for a person no longer walking among the living. That is what Peace Pilgrim did: she started walking across the United States in 1952 and did not stop for 28 years. Fairly unusual for a lone female to travel alone, on foot, in those days. Her body became acclimated to the weather; she wore, sneakers, jeans, shirt and tunic. She vowed to walk until there was peace on earth, would only eat if offered food, and would accept rides, preaching the ways of peace in her travels.

Becoming homeless, that is who I wanted to be: Peace Pilgrim II (I have learned there are already Peace Pilgrim two's). I practiced walking, but only made it from Long Beach to Huntington Beach at any given time. I am not as brave as Peace Pilgrim. My fear is not so much humans, but of wild animals, even stray dogs. I am also very unfond of bugs. Okay unfond is not a word...

I am very averse to bugs.

I was happy that Halloween, everything in my life was right. For the most part anyway. I miss that time when the future was ahead of me ~ a today that was to have been much different than it turned out to be.

A story about another Halloween costume ~ the year I dressed as Slash.

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