Saturday, October 29, 2011

Alley Sleeper

This man was sound asleep, so I could have walked around to get a photo that clearly showed his face and backpack which to his left next to chain link fence; doubt the click of cell phone camera would have woken him. The last time a man was sleeping in exactly the same spot, he looked up as I moved the chain to access padlock.

No way to do that quietly. It annoys me that the men twist the chain around the links, making it so tight, I have to struggle to get in or out of my own apartment complex. I miss the pre-padlock days. Much easier to get inside the gate when arriving home with groceries, coffee travel mug, and/or library books in hand.

What do these guys think, I wonder, that someone will come along with a chainsaw, or what ever kind of saw would be needed to cut through metal chains, to gain access to the apartment complex? I see no other reason for the way they wrap it up snug. It seems to me when the manager had the padlock and chain added, there was a reason for the length of it. That padlock needs to be accessible from both inside and outside the door.

Now and then I would see a person sleeping next to the garage wall and our complex fence, but not right up front like that, feet in alley. I am not sure if guy pictured is the same guy was there a week or so ago. I know that one, by face. Have often seen him as I walk up or down my alley. Sometimes he is dumpster diving. We always speak; he often tells me he thought I was so and so ~ a lady I think lives at the Grace Hotel around the corner; a most likely homeless or former or mostly homeless lady.

It is rather rude to take pictures of sleeping bums; I have done so at other times, but since I might know this man, opted for a feet only view.

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