Monday, October 31, 2011


Black Cat Postage Stamp stamp
Black Cat Postage Stamp by alyceclover
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It has been a long time since I considered celebrating Halloween. I no longer remember Halloween on the streets. I saw a sign on telephone poll advertising a Halloween costume contest. The bar is not far from here. I made mental note to look it up online, because the sign was missing a bit of important info: the date the contest is taking place. I did amuse myself as I continued my walk to the library the first time I saw one of the signs posted.

I will dress as a homeless bag lady, I thought, planned out my outfit in my head as I walked. Sort of like "come as how you are" for me, even though I am no longer living on the streets, would not take much to make myself look the part.

It was seeing black cats (and witches, and pumpkins, and so on) for several weeks, that inspired me to create a black cat postage stamp. That is Lynx, may she Rest in Peace, one of the grand many grand cats. Lynx and Havoc were California cats; they lived with me in Pennsylvania for a year or so. Back to CA, then moved back to PA with their mom and, um, step-dad. When I stayed with my daughter in  Pennsylvania, I again lived with Lynx.

It is snowing there today (October 29, 2011), not sure when the photo of Lynx tepidly walking in newly fallen snow was taken. 

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