Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Survival of the fittest echoes in my mind. Day after the fence vines were shaved this morning glory bloomed. I had hoped to have as many vines and flowers as last summer. Imagine my delight to glance out the high window greeted with a display of purple and pinks ~ rather than stand in front of it, on tip-toe sometimes to view a single bloom. Yet glancing out the window seeing the lighter green leaves amid the sweet-smelling flower vines brought smiles to my face.

Measured it; standing next to building outside, the bottom ledge of the window is slightly above my head. I assume I am still 5'2" tall. Inside, the bottom ledge is about chin level. Can not stand directly in front of those two small windows due to built-in cabinets. Bottom ledge of front window frames is likely 3' from the floor. They are probably 5' tall.

Wish always those windows were reversed. What I see out front is the steps, other side of building, glimpse of sky, and of course, people walking by. I imagine there is a logical reason the people who designed these type complexes would place doors directly across from each other. That is my other always wish, I could open my door and not stare directly into Chris' apartment.

There are some potted plants out front that I can see, if I could open those blinds and windows once in a while ~ as I did pre-Chris moving in across from me.

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