Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RIP Morning Glories

The thing in middle front of image is Morning Glories that might have been. They whacked all the greenery growing along fence, taking my flower vines with them. So sad. Was nice to look out the high window, seeing the heart shaped leaves and once or twice a Morning Glory in full bloom. Others were killed by the noisy machine used to sweep sidewalks. I replanted them twice from seeds harvested last year. Those survived the latest onslaught on nature.

Can not actually see the petite pretty yellow flowers that also got the ax. Almost took a photo of them ~ intact ~ two sprigs, eye level outside my backdoor ~ yesterday; thought: later. Of course, later they were mincemeat. I do understand why the foliage along the fence closer to alley needs to be trimmed. Beautiful larger yellow flowers on those. They have little pickers that catch hold of clothes or skin when walking past. I was out several times cutting them back and also braiding them along the fence wires to keep them away from the walk area as much as possible.

I miss before John moved in next door. I had those fast growing unruly plants under much better control. Spent a lot of time in my "backyard" pre-John. Had the privacy to do so.

When I looked at this apartment, outside the backdoor, I commented to Shad about the greenery, the long needled pine tree ~ how lovely it was ~ wild, almost country-like. Maybe reminding me of gramma's backyard. Felt sheltered or maybe just a bit of privacy. When couch faces those high windows, I had a nice view ~ some pretty white flower vines, the pine tree, hanging over edge of neighbor's roof, sweet-smell wafting through open windows when white flowers were in bloom.

Since John moved in next door, I seldom go out to look at night sky, the moon, little bit of stars, sunset and sunrise. Miss those days. Wish I could move. Only move seems feasible is back to the streets. Did see an ad in Penny Saver for a Seal Beach apartment "walk to beach" it said. Same rent I am paying here. That one includes all utilities unlike this one. Amazing that a nicer apartment would be available in ritzy Seal Beach at an affordable rate. Well, almost affordable.

Alas, no savings, to even consider applying for it.

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