Thursday, July 28, 2011


Snail is another predator causing me to think, with my morning glories, it is definitely survival of the fittest. This crop ~ one of several that I replanted twice due to the sidewalk blower blowing dirt on seedlings killing them ~ will give me a nice view outside my kitchen window. That is, if they grow tall with multiple blooms like last summer.

These were healthy until a few days ago when I noticed the black dots suggesting (what are they called) white or black lice are enjoying a feast; along with the inch worms. This snail was hidden from view, crawling along the sidewalk "wall". Had noticed some of these plants getting eaten ~ I thought due to the inch worms.

I think of people living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for instance, losing their homes due to natural disasters. Did they appreciate how great it was to have front and back yards before losing everything?

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