Friday, July 29, 2011

Last Night

It was a bit past 10PM when the music got louder. Earlier I put radio on bathroom floor. Plugged in by couch, cord stretched; volume too loud. That was to give John a taste of what I was listening to from his wall; not caring that people outside my window likely heard my music loud and clear. Annoyed; assumed John pumped up his volume; got up to move radio to kitchen cabinet, raise my volume a bit more, pillow in front of it to soften sound on my side of the wall.

But, no, I learned it was not John's, it was Doug's music. I did hear Chris coughing in John's apartment; could only hear low murmur of their conversation if I got close to kitchen wall. Seems John had actually lowered his TV or stereo. I stewed for a few minutes, then heard Mike and David, the manager talking. I got up to open door to ask David to please tell Doug to lower his volume. Those are the rules, ya know.

Yet I hesitated. Surely Dave could hear it; knowing it is past 10PM why does he need me to ask? I edged door open a bit, waiting for their conversation to end ~ but Dave went upstairs as he continued talking to Mike. I could have opened door and yelled up there. I could have picked up the phone and called him. When I discovered it was Doug's music, I noticed David's lights were out and he did tell me he did not want me calling him late at night.

I opened the door completely, opened screen, on my way outside to walk down to Doug's apartment to ask him to lower volume ~ again ~ saw Mike by front gate; waited for him to pass me; asked him if he would please tell Doug "Mary asked me to tell you to lower your music, because she wants to go to sleep." Mike declined; said Doug is "in there drunk". Okay, forget it then; I can call Dave; I can call police.

Closed door, got earplugs, when I heard Mike yelling for Doug ~ think he said exactly what I asked. Not sure exactly what else Mike said to Doug. Think Doug did lower his music. I left bathroom radio on, Windows Media Player Sleep playlist at volume 74, two pillows over head. May have fallen to sleep for a few minutes. Testy, got up, tossed pillows on floor, changed position, which meant switching earplugs, then tried it with only one pillow over head.

The earplugs were attached by thin blue wire. One plug got disconnected. No rhyme or reason that I need the unattached plug in the ear that is lying on pillow. It is the same thing, right? Yet that is me. Truly should just toss them and use a new pair. The other pair is the kind that are not attached at all. Do not know why I feel I needed to use attached earplugs at all.

Last night inner ears started itching. Too much. How I long to be able to go to sleep when tired, no earplugs, no pillows over my head.

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