Friday, July 15, 2011

Restroom Wall Art

This is a new mural at Alamitos/Ocean Blvd. (off Shoreline Drive) beach picnic area ladies' restroom. Entire mural a little hard to capture. When I use that restroom, I think back to early AM's when I took a nap there. I vaguely recall thinking I had certainly hit a new low, to sleep next to a toilet in one of the door less stalls. There was a bit of gang graffiti in the last stall (where I stood trying to get a better angle for the photo).

Tagging inside the restrooms is common. One morning, however, the gangbangers not only did the usual magic marker or small spray painted stuff inside, they covered the entire wall outside the building with large gang signs. The city was quick to send workers out to paint over it. Inside graffiti stays around for a longer time; restrooms painted at regular intervals.

The cars may have been done for the Grand Prix and to discourage marring the walls. Now if only the city would do something about the sand clogged sink ~ mothers using them as showers for children. Seems it would be common logic, that sand does not belong in sinks (or water fountains), but it is another common disregard by beach goers.

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