Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not So Quiet

To call the cops or not call the cops, that is the question. Possibly a new neighbor is fond of heavy bass hip hop or rap music played at such a loud volume, closed windows, my music, earplugs does not drown it out. The only good news is my floor does not vibrate as it used to do when neighbor across street guest's idled their cars or had their stereo club level volume.

I have been listening to Doug's music for 24 hours now. The thump, thump, thumps; indescribable sound music makes through walls traveling length of courtyard to get into my apartment. Might say a buzzing bee, but it reminds me more of a fog horn ~ a very low fog horn. The drum beat is clear, the music soft enough to barely hear, just loud enough to drive me batty. Add the LOUD bass and...

I leave the fan on for hours to drown out the sound of Doug's, John's, Chris' noise, even though it is not hot enough to require cooling. After a while the noise of the fan starts annoying me. Ditto the radio. Miss the tape player where I could play something like Healing Waterfall II, soft, relaxing music, all music, no talk, no inane lyrics.

I had enough of the WAVE playing the same songs over and over again. Um, think it is Fantastic Voyage by EWF ~ never a fav of mine, but listened to it. Love EWF. EWF has lots of other tunes, why do they keep playing just that one? Switched over to KISS, I think, " dropped a bomb on me...", "...kiss on the spine do things we never do...", alright, now that soothes me. Then they have to play " you in the ladies room.." ~ if I ever heard it when it was popular, I am sure I tolerated it, but despise it now. Followed by some obscure (to me) tune about girls that like cars that go boom. Repeat lyric, repeat, "we are...." (their names), repeat, repeat ~ OKAY, I got the message.

Come live in my neighborhood...

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