Monday, July 11, 2011


Omigod, it is quiet! Woke about 4:30AM, took a nap sometime after, was awake at 8AM thinking how awful quiet it is. Oh, I heard, Phil, I believe, talking in courtyard as I drifted into my nap sleep. Was it before or after nap, heard Chris' bird insanely chirping; Chris' coughing; Chris' phone ting-a-ling linging. Not sure.

Yet it was basically quiet. No John's radio when I went into the bathroom. After three days of it, I had enough. Especially when he pumped up the volume. Especially still pumped up at 11PM.

Last night I had enough of Chris, so moved the radio to in front of door, pumped up the volume, put a pillow on top of it. Classical music. Soon hear Chris' phone ringing ~ conversation ~ in John's kitchen. Aargh!!! After a bit of John's mouth, John's radio pumped up, I moved radio to bathroom. Hard to get the wire under the door, but managed to do so and move radio close to tub, so I could open/close door. Then I pumped up the volume even louder.

Even with my bathroom door closed, it was a bit loud for me, yet did the job of drowning out John's thump, thump, thump, eern, URN, urn stuff. Chris back home, still hearing coughing. Put in earplugs. Lowered volume a tad before going to sleep, with computer playing Sleep playlist, 75 volume, two pillows over head.

I hope John got annoyed. Doubtful. Left radio on bathroom floor. When I hear him in his bathroom, I will be turning it on, full volume. Maybe it will not bother him. Maybe a neighbor will complain hearing it in courtyard. I hope they do. I will then explain to David, I have no choice. Gotta do what I gotta do so as not to be forced to listen to John's radio, 24/7.

Hate being this way. So tired, of noise.

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