Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Good News, Bad News day

Good news: Chris had his door shut. Bad news: I am guessing he had his door shut due to construction noise. Men are replacing stairs that lead to manager's second story apartment. Only one new unpainted wood step was  finished by evening.

The hammering, electrical sawing and other associated noises made removing wood steps to replace them is annoying. Yet not as annoying as listening to Chris' coughing and big mouth. I did, however, hear his phone when I was out back. Strange, that, unless he was at John's apartment. Heard him answer the call, but lower than normal voice and did not hear the conversation.

Went in kitchen to fill mug with water for instant coffee. Blinds, window open. Notice clothes hanging on the fence. Peering, wouldn't ya know it who walks by my window, but John. I scurried away, then went back to lower window, close blinds, pin curtains in the middle. John starts talking "Mary do you like movies?".

When he walked past the first time his eyes were straight ahead, so it surprised me, now that he was hanging his clothes on the fence below my apartment, that he would be talking to me. I was also surprised to hear him use my name. Did not think he knew it; he has only addressed me as "Hi, friend," previously.

Because I did not reply, he repeats the question. I mumble, "Sometimes." Rather than, "Why do you ask?" I was in fight or flight mode, not able to think. Tells me he has lots of DVD movies if I want to come over to his apartment to watch them. Yeah right.

Angry at self for not saying, "Oh is that what you play that is keeping me up nights?" Perfect opportunity for me to tell him he needs to lower his volume. Blew it.

I used to hang some of my clothes on the back fence, mostly behind my apartment, but a few closer to Victor's, because no flora growing there. I imagine that is the same reason John walked there to hang his. I think it was 7PM which to me is rather late to be hanging clothes and expecting them to dry. They were gone this morning. Now I know whose clothes I have seen hanging all along the fence a few other times.

Seems last time John hung stuff, he forgot to retrieve two (or maybe that is four) things that look like cleaning rags. They are way on the end by Sean's apartment, beyond the wildly growing vines. I trimmed the vines several times since they were all whacked by gardener or whoever did them. I also braided a few along the vines and fence. Pre-John, I did a much better job keeping those things with pickers that stick to clothes if hanging way over the walk space.

I am concerned that the manager will have them whacked again, and that the whacker will destroy what little morning glory vines I have growing.

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