Wednesday, July 20, 2011

40 Years Ago Today

I know what I was doing 40 years ago today. A nurse called out my name. No longer recall her exact words; something like "Mrs. Russup, Mrs. Russup, wake up, you have a beautiful baby girl."  Also do not remember if I sat up or just raised my head, looked at my stomach to see if womb was back to normal size.

I was told I was feisty; tried to punch the doctor during labor. That part slowly came back to me. Do not know if they still harness a mother's hands as they did then. I got loose of my cuffs; not sure why I attacked the doctor. I do know I got my hands loose a second time, but I did not let the nurse or doctor know it.

I do not know medical terms. I was given a shot for pain. Then I was given a second shot. Whatever they gave me was so effective I had no recall of the rest of labor, being wheeled to delivery room, put to sleep for the final pushes. Much different experience than with my first daughter; remembered all of it, waking shortly after birth, being wheeled out of delivery room down the hall to my room.

Lori was born at 4:13AM. The labor was not long, just do not remember now what time we went to the hospital. I was a nervous wreck. I had not been to see the doctor since the first visit. Reason being, husband was not working steady, was shooting heroin again, was drinking ~ always drinking ~ either beer or vodka with bitter lemon juice. I did not know if a doctor would show up to deliver the baby since I had not been back and had not made the required payments.

Complicating things was the constant pain that I later learned was due to a kidney stone. That evening I called my then husband at work. The waitress told me he was not working, his wife had a baby and he was at hospital visiting her. I was livid. I was his wife, daggnabbit!! Was he in the habit of getting phone calls from so many other females the biatch did not know it? He told me he could not come visit because he had to work.

The reason I called was to beg him to sneak into the hospital after visiting hours and bring me a pack of cigarettes. I left the room, trying to go down to the floor where there was a store that sold them. Nurse sent me back to the room. A sleepless night for sure.

The truth came out after a while; he had went out with Joe Boernheimer shooting heroin. Said, 'cause he could not handle seeing me in so much pain. He was in jail for first daughter's birth; third child, a son, he was not allowed in labor room ~ Pennsylvania hospital. I was much better behaved for one and three.

The ex refused to go to Dunkin' Donuts. The one in Highland Park, New Jersey was where he got arrested for selling narcotics to an undercover cop. He said it was baking soda; his mother testified in court that he was messing around in the kitchen and she asked him what he was doing with the baking soda. That may have been why the trial resulted in a hung jury. The judge was disgusted; simple case.

Later husband decided to plead guilty. Lawyer said he would not go to jail with a pregnant wife. Think staying out of jail was his incentive to marry me. He went to jail. For a year. I was so young. Wrote the judge a letter, extolling the man's virtues. What were they? Blamed his troubles on his friends and his family moving him from Scranton to New Brunswick. Ha, ha, I swallowed that one hook, line and sinker. It must have been love, eh.

So the guy who set the now ex up with the undercover cop: Joe Bornheimer. Aargh!!!

40 years ago today was not a good day; should have been wonderful, birth of a child.

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