Sunday, July 17, 2011

Found a diamond and a dime

As I walked down the alley I stooped to pick up some sharp objects to put into the trash. Found a bright shinny dime!

Yesterday walking home along Tenth Street, I saw something sparkly in concrete sidewalk crack. I am drawn to shinny. It was rather tightly embedded, traffic light changed, but I dug it out then raced across the street. I was about to toss it in the trash can, but decided it could not be a piece of glass, prism colors reflecting off sunlight as I rotated it. Maybe a piece of crystal glass broken?

I saw another shinny object; picked it up, was a piece of metal, missing gemstone, from a ring or large earring. Tossed that in the trash, hung onto the other shinny trinket. I read that a diamond will scratch glass, fake stones will not. Well, now my kitchen window had a minor scratch in the glass. I do believe I found a diamond. I am guessing from an earring or necklace. Could it have been from the smashed prone-like holder a short distance away?

So what do I do with it? Turn it into the police? Run a Found Ad? Just keep it? I guess I could take it to a jeweler to appraise it ~ if they do not charge for the service. Maybe a pawn shop...

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