Saturday, June 11, 2011


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Typical day: wake, go to bathroom, hear, tick, tick, tick, oooohhh, thump, thump, thump, oooooh ~ or something like that. Although John's radio was so low I could not hear the song, I know this is the one that was playing. Went to kitchen, turned on radio, this was it. How do I know? 'Cause, last night when I made my last bathroom trip, sometime after midnight run to bathroom was listening to the thumping, horns or whatevers softly coming from John's side of the wall.

It is low, hey, so why does it start my day in a dark mood? Um, for a few hours prior to my last bathroom trip last night, John's music was not low. It was so loud, I could not concentrate on whatever I was doing. That is, the sound was clearly audible in my Great Room ~ aka: bedroom. It is like a gnat buzzing around, low, but annoying. When I went to my kitchen, moving my radio there in my daily attempt to drown out John's sounds, I noticed he and I were listening to the same radio station.

Some Whitney Houston tune was playing. I had been listening to radio all day, sound lowered once Chris stopped his constant loud talking. I liked the tune. It was not annoying me. Yet what I hear coming from John's wall, drives me to point of insanity. Or from across courtyard, Chris's apartment, or across and down, Doug's apartment.

Used to say drums, my favorite instrument, likely saxophone or piano, equally true. John and I obviously listen to the same kinds of music. Yet those thump, thump, thumps seem to vibrate at top of my skull.

Dreary day, ready to take a nap, as I type, John is doing whatever he is loudly doing in his kitchen. Thankful he stopped blaring his kitchen radio. Or moved it to another room. Glad it is only audible when I go into bathroom. Not so grateful that I listened to Chris' coughing right up until I went to bed, starting an hour or so after I woke. He coughs as loud as he talks. He had a nice series or those throat clearing, hackey or phlegmy sounding coughs. Then back to his normal, cough, cough, cough; pause, begin again.

After the first hour, I was about to open the door and start yelling. Or quietly informing him to see a doctor and shut his door, stop spreading his germs around...

Typical day. At wits end.

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