Monday, June 13, 2011

Morning Glories 2011

Got a nice surprise the other morning ~ two Morning Glories bloomed. They grew from seeds planted by nature. There were many more seedlings growing along the fence late last year. There is no visible dirt in the space between sidewalk and fence. Just a bunch of pine long-needles, some dead leaves and such. Tried to capture that in next photo.

When I first moved into this apartment, I spent much time out back, putting thousands of pine needles from the gully. They were filled to overflowing; when sweeping, the needles would catch on broom and land right back on sidewalk. I never removed all the needles, just down far enough, so that I would come upon peat. Does seem to take nature's debris to decompose; at least that is true of the pine needles ~ must be a year or more since the beautiful, long-needled pine tree was cut down.

I stopped spending a lot of time out back taking care of stuff along the fence, from front gate to back, after aggressive male, John, moved in next door. It makes me sad. This is the time of year, I get sun out back, late in the day. I used to sit out there and read in peace. John generally gets home late in afternoon, meaning, I not only do not open back door, I am often forced to close my kitchen window and blinds.

It is such a small, dark apartment. Can not let sunlight and air in via front windows or door due to Chris. Then John took away my right to do likewise in the kitchen. It was pleasant living in this complex before the two of them (and now evicted, Bill) moved into the building. I think about going back to the streets...

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