Wednesday, May 04, 2011

New Water Fountain

Took painful walk to Bixby Park. New water fountain is across from fountain on Broadway side of park. Gravel is under the wire mess that covers top of fountain. I guess this will prevent sand, from clogging the fountains. Lots of other stuff ended up in the fountain wells, twigs, leaves, Frito bags, aluminum beer or soda cans. Actually do not think the fountains at the park used to fill with sand ~ as they do at beaches. I think they need something covering the drains at beach restroom sinks ~ a big sand clogging problem ~ people will stand children or babies in the sink and shower them. They also rinse sand out of clothes.

I never got that they do not get that sand does not belong in sinks. There are only a few outdoor shower heads along Long Beach's long beach. No indoor shower stalls as one would find at other beaches. Perhaps if there were the clogged sinks, toilets, closed restrooms would be less of a problem. 

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