Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Wondering what stops tornadoes, I came upon All about tornados. Quite interesting and easy to understand. I learned that a waterspout is a tornado.

If I am ever able to open DVD where I moved my Homeless in Long Beach blog posts, I will have some corrections to make. Our local newspaper, The Press-Telegram sometimes reported that waterspouts had appeared in Long Beach. A man said of one, that it was not a waterspout, he saw it and it was a tornado. Hello misinformed me. I believe the man was standing on the dock, watched as the storm passed by his boat. There were others who said the same.

Having been outside during Long Beach tornadoes (story lost to my F-drive not reading the DVD), I can only imagine how horrid the Tuscaloosa mile and a half wide tornado must have been. Here in Long Beach, I truly thought, if I spread jacket like wings, the winds would have picked me sending me airborne. And I was not in the path of twisters.

One time while driving, I would have driven right into the path of a tornado, but was tired and headed home instead of servicing one more store that day. I thought, last night as I was drifting off to sleep, what I could do to prepare for safety if a tornado a mile and a half wide was heading my way. Bathtub, heavy table placed over me who is covered with blankets or pillows. Said that bathtubs are often still intact even when a tornado destroyed the house, thus a safe haven. The table protects from falling bricks, pillows, blankets from shattered  glass.

My only table has a heavy microwave upon it. I do have a suitcase somewhat packed for earthquake preparedness. Thoughts of putting mic on floor, rushing to hide in bathtub, had me thinking, well, there goes the suitcase and most of my important things. Of course the laptop is the most valuable of my possessions and I do not put it in suitcase when not in use. Maybe just being prepared to die, not prepared to stay safe is the best option.

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