Thursday, May 05, 2011

eucalyptus opercula

Too bad I no longer own a real camera. Perhaps it was in 2001 I decided to implement the quotes: the more things you own the more they own you, less is better, the more things you own the more they own you. It was, however, when I lived on 7th Street that I gave away the nice camera my brother-in-law, Drew bought me. Expensive. It was a gift from several family members, a going away gift when I moved to California.

I had mentioned to Drew's wife that I was thinking about getting a camera. I likely decided not to because, well, I do not remember why I decided not to. A dead persons photos in album ~ unremembered quote from a Stephen King novel. As it is, all my photos are gone now, so might have saved the cost of film and developing. Memory details seem lost, gone with the mementos of my cross country trip, wiped out summer of '98.

I described my final descent into homelessness as a human hurricane wrecking havoc in my life. Maybe he was a human tornado. He being the person I gave my camera to in the year 2000. What was I thinking. Vaguely recall rethinking possessions after Bound Brook NJ went under water. I remember that as being in 1999, but it may have been '98. My news clipping of the headline is gone. Anyway...

The two eucalyptus opercula in front center show difference on undersides. The one to the right with hollow opening reminds me of a star, though more cross-shaped. The one next to it on the left has plant stuff still inside. My recent walk to the park, I kept looking for eucalyptus opercula without the stuff. I think because most all that I picked up still had the seed (?) matter intact was why they did not produce that heavenly aroma I for which I was collecting them.

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