Friday, May 06, 2011


So beautiful outside I should be out there soaking up the sun. My two walks, two days in a row were so painful, I planned to take a bus to beach today. Oh well. As mentioned I went to bed super early last night (5/3). I had a nap yesterday afternoon. Feeling guilt for not going outdoors, I started some long overdue house cleaning. Lack physical stamina. Surprised I could fall to sleep for the nap (two days in a row) leaving music playing softly, earplug in one ear, pillow over head. Same thing I did at 8:30-ish PM. Listened to John's whatever noise, dropping heavy objects on the floor ~ I must have been in a twilight stupor ~ aware, but not terribly bothered, although one of the noises did cause me to start. Do not know how long it took me to fall to sleep.

Woke once in night; back to sleep waking some time past 4AM. Do not know what time it was when I again laid down and went back to sleep. If Internet had stayed connected, I may have followed my plan to take the bus to beach. It was during that early morning nap I had another feces dream. If I could have stayed connected to Internet I may have been able to record it here while memory was fresh in my mind.

There was a toilet bowl that needed plunging. It may have started out being the toilet in this apartment, yet I was sort of standing behind it when I plunged, hating it due to the fecal matter and brown water. That is when, I think, I noticed all the dried feces lining the toilet bowl rim or seat. Not human feces, or some human some from a cat. I told someone "the cat must have been using the toilet and missed". What my dream self identified as cat poor was pencil thin, perhaps an inch long, light colored brown turd with yellowish and green speckles.

Other poop looked like the dried poop I washed off a baby's upper leg/lower back in a recent dream. Do not recall other varieties. Then I noticed stuff around the toilet ~ which seemed to be in the center of a room. The only thing I remember from those was the dead rat. I asked my son if he would handle the rat. He said "no", I asked why not, he handles live rats. Or at least his son's pet rat. In real life. I vaguely recall someone holding the rat by the tail, slightly swinging. Maybe it was me. I think I was afraid to dispose of the corpse fearing it was not dead or would come alive if I went to pick it up.

Fade to Doug and Chris talking, in real life.

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