Thursday, April 28, 2011

Joy Guy

Long Rider Passes Through Tuscaloosa Alabama video

See the U.S.A., not in your Chevrolet, hitchhiking, riding a bike, or walking, but on horseback. At least that is what Joe Guy is doing. Joe came to the United States from Australia to pitch his music. In the video he mentions a long list of jobs he has done, including: Street Musician. Street Musician does not mean a person is homeless, yet many are and most, I think, have the guitar case or bucket with a few coins and bills inside it, at their feet.

No longer able to open the DVD where I  copied Homeless in Long Beach story, not sure what my street musician's name was, maybe Big Eddie. He would quickly scoop up coins from his guitar case, often handing them over to me, because he wanted people to see bills, especially fives or tens, to encourage them to toss in more bills, not quarters, dimes or pennies.

I can not imagine riding a horse when tornadoes are all around. Yes, I was living on the streets when I experienced a tornado here in Long Beach, but it was not a large one. The Tuscaloosa tornado, I read was a mile wide. I watched some local videos of the tornado as it approached, and others showing the devastation it left behind.

Do not know when the video interview of Joe Guy and his horse was filmed, but could hear winds howling, suggesting it was on its way. Google news headlines about tornadoes heading towards Alabama had me checking projected path. "Tuscaloosa is safe," I thought. I guess I should have been paying more attention to the news on southern states tornado watches.

Since the same F-drive that transferred my downloaded blog posts now will not read it, the reason Tuscaloosa played a part in my becoming homeless, blog posts are no longer available to read.

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