Friday, April 29, 2011

Homeless in Tuscaloosa

One man cooking hot dogs and hamburgers to serve to people who lost their homes due to the tornado moved to Tuscaloosa after he lost his home due to a house fire. His wife died in the fire and I guess he needed to make a new start away from the memories.

The temporary shelters are starting to fill up as those that wandered, shocked and in a daze, begin to leave the area where what is left of their worldly possessions lays amid the rubble. What will become of the newly homeless in Tuscaloosa? After tragedies of this scope, the news quickly moves on to the next big news story: Donald Trump uses foul language in Nevada, for instance. Or the Royal Wedding or which celebrity entered rehab or got arrested for some thing or another.

People not only lose homes due to floods and other disasters, but lose jobs that were destroyed due to same storms or earthquakes. I am left wondering, how they make the transition back to being homed, replacing lost clothing, food, dishes, blankets ~ all of it, even vehicles. After a while, I too, will stop visiting local news sites to gather info, yet the people stay on my mind long after the events that took their homes is past.

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