Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cough, Cough, Cough

Woke a bit past 7AM to the sound of neighbor, Chris' cough, cough, coughing. Not good, as I did not go to sleep until 2AM, listening to the sound of cough, cough, coughing. Do not know if they were Chris' coughs ~ since he leaves his door open all night, could be. Yet I thought, due to sudden quiet, emulating from his apartment a few hours earlier he was sound asleep.

Doug's LOUD coughs, are not quite as continuous as Chris'. The coughs I heard at 2AM sound the same as the ones I am hearing as I type. Yet, if Doug was inside his apartment, maybe door open, perhaps his coughs would sound like those of Chris, right now, even when I walked into my kitchen.

Fairly sad state of affairs. I see my only option is to move back to the streets. Which would mean finding an address...

No laws against coughing. Yet I have been forced to listen to them cough for over a month, made worse because Chris does not shut his door overnight. Ting-a-ling, also, goes his phone, shortly after I rose, in a foul mood, due to be woken up before I had my six hours of sleep. As usual of late, I was ready to go to bed shortly after 9AM ~ that an impossible dream. (#1 Chris' cough, cough, coughing, #2 Chris & John talk, talk, talking, #3 John blasting his water ~ thank you, last night, only the normal time it would take someone to fill a tub or do dishes, #4 John banging around in his kitchen).

Well, a Facebook friend posted a Status Update, suggesting her friends catch at least one episode of Hot in Cleveland. She said "have a box of tissues handy", so I was expecting a tearjerker. Nope. ROFLMAO as theysay. That helped me deal with the noise watching all the episodes, having volume up 100% except during the K-Mart ads, hoping my noise ~ laughing out loud, volume, was annoying John ~ assuming he could hear me.

11PM John did something, who knows, dropped a very heavy object on the floor? Very loud bang, that usually would cause my body to tense with startle reaction. Barely noticed it due to watching Hot in Cleveland, yet knew, it would be a while before I could turn off the light and hit the sack. The site had another show's episodes, so I started watching them, just to pass the time. I was too antsy to try to go to sleep ~ anticipation: Was that his last cough? Is he asleep now? Is John done for the night?

It is a beautiful morning. Should be outdoors already, not typing this. That is what the sleep disturbances do to my body and mind. No escape. Except back to being homeless in Long Beach.

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