Monday, April 25, 2011

Homeless Woman Jailed for Sending child to school

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Tonya McDowell is homeless in Connecticut. I am guessing that she, like many homeless, uses her driver's license as ID ~ with her last homed address on it. Her last known address, it was reported, was in Bridgeport. She sometimes spends nights at a man's home, but has to leave when he heads to work in the morning. She sometimes sleeps at a Norwalk homeless shelter. Her six-year-old son's babysitter lives in Norwalk. The babysitter allowed Tonya to use her address to enroll the son in a Norwalk school.

Tonya, age 33, was arrested  on charges of  first-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit first-degree larceny for allegedly stealing $15,686 from Norwalk schools. 

As Bill Clinton might say "Give me a break!". 

The babysitter was evicted from her apartment at Roodner Court public housing apartment due to helping Tonya by providing false information to the school. 

Okay, so where does the babysitter go now? To the streets to live? What is the purpose of penalizing two women already living in poverty ~ one more so than the other ~ she is on the streets, simply for sending a child to school. I am guessing the school would not allow Tonya to use the shelter as her legal address.

Glenn Iannaccone, vice chairman of the Norwalk Board of Education says "This is the first time I have heard something like this where there has been an arrest. Other allegations like this have been handled by the central office. I'm not sure if the police have been involved," He stated there are "always allegations" that children from outside the district are attending Norwalk schools; private investigators are used to investigate the allegations. 

"Maybe this is the district's way of cracking down on this," he said.

Ah, how brave, let us crack down on a homeless woman, fine her, 'cause it is obvious she will not be able to pay the fine, ha, ha, ha, then we get her off the streets and into jail, ho, ho, ho, the son goes into foster care, the home of some good, hard-working citizens, who take in foster kids out of the goodness of their hearts, not for the money, nor to have some helpless child they can abuse...

...because daggnabbit we will teach homeless women not to cost taxpayers' dollars. 

The articles I read did not specify why Tonya needed a babysitter for two hours after her son got out of school. Could it be she is among the working homeless? Makes a whole lot of sense to me, to send the young child to a school close to his babysitter's home. How would he get to Norwalk from Bridgeport after school? Would a public housing resident have a vehicle to travel to pick up the child? Could she afford the gas needed t do so? 

I hope the case gets thrown out of court, or if it goes to court the homeless lady is found not guilty by a compassionate jury. 

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