Monday, April 25, 2011


Do not know how long I have been listening to John's water running. I do believe he is running water in both bathroom and kitchen. I have heard how it sounds when he takes a bath. It does not take that long to fill a tub. Thus the plug must be out. I feel another fit coming on, like the time he let it run for two hours until I went ballistic.

Made worse because at the same time as I am listening to the LOUD running water, versus normal shower running water, I am treated to listening to Chris cough, cough, cough. If John was not running his water, maybe I would not have gotten up and opened front door, stood there staring at Chris. Perhaps he went to his kitchen, then returned, sat down behind the sofa that is inches from his front door. Oh how I regret that I did not call manager, the weekend when he was away to tell him Chris had Bill spending the weekend. Again.

Would think neighbor would get nervous seeing someone standing motionless staring at them. Maybe Chris was nervous. He kept looking away, then looking back, looking away, stare back, look away, look back back. He did however stop coughing just about the time I got up, and opened the door.

11:23PM When I got up to open door it was 11:05PM. Do not know how long before that it was running. Long enough for me to start getting upset ~ tell me this is not going to be an all night affair. Shall I wake the manager who told me not to wake him. Last night it was the Laker's game. I am guessing. That just something to tolerate. Until later, Chris, loud in the courtyard, John, loud in the courtyard, John loud in the kitchen, John, extra loud stereo past 11PM, when I got up, turned on radio, full volume, put in kitchen cabinet.

Not long after it was just the low drone of his sound, earplugs, my radio left on softer, pillow over the head night.

Earlier: no sooner did I think about going to sleep, only 9:13 or so, and say to myself, "well it is quiet" so what if it is early, I am tired, no sooner did that thought "well it is quiet" pass through my mind, then I heard John talking loud in the courtyard. Not sure how long after that Chris started his chorus of coughs.

11:29PM: water still running and I am about to have a fit, not knowing if John's bath will ever end, wondering if I will be seeing a flood ~ 'cause if his drain plugs are in sink and tub, it is way overflowing. This is insane. When it started, I did not think it would be going on this long. Just waiting till he was done, so I could go to sleep. Wish I had alcohol. I want a drink.

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alyceclover said...

So agitated doubt I will be able to go to sleep now. Deep breath, let it out real slow...

...gee I miss my old life.

Blared radio, in cabinet, picked up heavy high chair I found on a sidewalk, dropped it on the floor, even as I heard John turn off the water, picked it up, dropped it ~ went to bathroom water still running....

...aha I was right he was running both kitchen sink water and tub water. Got to bathroom. Spot spider on wall, heart racing, could barely wait to finish urinating so I could whack the bug.

Back to kitchen, to whack bug off shoe ~ rather hard to do, on edge of that little plastic trash can. For good measure whacked the sneaker on frig, then wall as I was leaving kitchen.

Then back to kitchen to lower my radio, mouth running. LOUD.