Sunday, April 24, 2011

Phylicia Barnes, Update

I could swear I already posted an update about Phylicia Barnes. Maybe I started to then got disconnected from the Internet. An ongoing issues started around the first of April. I did a web search every couple of days looking for news. Do not know why she stayed on my mind. One night after I did my search, I talked to the young woman. Okay, I believed she was dead. I just asked her that if she heard my voice, up there, to please lead the police to her body. Her family needed to know if she was dead or alive.

Imagine my surprise when checking Google news headlines a day or so later, to see one, without doing a search, saying her body had been found. Workers at Conowingo Dam saw a body floating in the water  and contacted the police .The body pulled from the river, was later identified as Phylicia. It may take two weeks for autopsy results to learn a cause of death. Highly unlikely she slipped and fell into the river, as I posed on my original post about her. She was naked. So was a man whose body was found some miles down river (or was it up, I do not know the area) from where Phylicia's was discovered. His identity has not been determined as of today, and police do not know if there is any connection between the two deaths.

I assume it is a co-incidence that her body turned up just after I spoke to her. I wrote on my Facebook profile that "I prayed" rather than admit I was attempting to reach a dead person using ESP. Lots of people have been praying for her and the family. They were, of course, praying she would turn up alive.  

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