Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Sleep Disturbances...

...are considered a form of abuse.

What happens when you are drifting off to sleep and the telephone rings? Does it disturb you? Wake you? Do you ignore it and pass quickly from this world into dreamland?

Me? I am called back to consciousness, eyes may stay shut, but when answering machine message begins, the caller hangs up, calls back almost before message is over, listen to message a second time, assume, the hang-up was Jeff, who leaves a message, then calls right back to leave a second message, my eyes open wide, I get perturbed and there is no drifting back to sleep for me.

Does this mean I am not of normal sensitivities? IT. IS. NOT. MY. TELEPHONE. The phone and answering machine is in apartment across the walkway from me. No adjoining walls. It is not a narrow walkway, oh, I am guessing front doors 12' - 16' feet apart? Why can I distinctly hear who is leaving the message? All. Summer. Long. Bill calling, starting as early as 5:22AM, multiple calls within seconds of each other. Why is Chris' door open? Can he not answer his call? Oh, but that is even worse, because now, in addition to hearing Bill yell a message, I am listening to Chris' BIG LOUD MOUTH.

Well, David manager said he would talk to Chris' "worker" and nothing changed. I do not think I impressed upon David, how it feels to lay awake 2:30/3:30AM after Chris' ringing telephone disturbed my just about asleep sleep. Or John, with his stuff.

Do not know David well, gives attitude of long-suffering, and that I am a butt pain, so month after month I suffer in silence.

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